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(Day 1/Watch 3) You are invited to join the greatest event in history since the Almighty gave us His son. From midnight to 3:00 a.m. Jerusalem time, we are praying for young people to pray, preach, and passionately prepare for the ingathering of the Jewish people. The first hour of our watch is devoted to children under 5 years of age. We pray for African nurses to support Israel's aliyah Immigration. The second hour is for youth ages 5-12. We pray for the ingathering of the islands, specifically 10,000 Jewish souls in Hawaii. The last hour is for teens. We pray for 540 Native American nations to harbor and protect the Jewish people.

I am Dr. C.. I love the Father with all my heart when I pray, all my mind when I write, all my soul when I care for my house and the house of Israel, and children are my strength. I have the Father's heart for Aliyah. Join me. Together, we will fulfill Jeremiah 32:41.

WATCH PREP 17 April 2021

a) Heart: PRAY! Ezekiel 36 and continue praying into the 9 gates of Jerusalem.

b) Mind: PONDER! Meditate on Psalm 146 - Psalm 150

c) Soul: PREPARE! Hiddur Mitzvah, a Jewish practice based on Exodus 15:2, invites us to beautify our homes as we glorify our King. Consider, this week, how you can make your accommodations an even more restful, peaceful, lovely house of prayer.

d) Strength: PROPHETIC PUSH! into the100th anniversary of the Ottoman Empire and the upcoming eclipse in North America.

COMING 14 May -16 May 2021 Live Broadcast! Prayer/Prophetic Gathering of Native Americans in the U.S.. Mark Your Clendar.

Christine Cecil