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We've been married for 38 yrs and have six children (yours, mine and ours) - four daughters, two sons, 14 granddaughters, 3 grandsons, three great-grandsons, and three great-granddaughters. Until 2020, we had a home in Michigan and a home in Arizona since five of our adult children live in MI (and most of our grandkids) and our youngest daughter and family live in AZ. Our daughter and her husband have pastored the church we've attended (25 yrs) in AZ the past five years. We now live full time in AZ.

The Lord literally deposited a love for Israel and the Jewish people in our hearts in 2004, and He began teaching us through His Word His love for His people! We have been serving in Israel in different ministries since 2006. In 2010 we heard about Aliyah and have been praying for the Jewish people to return home and helping where possible. The cry of our hearts continues to be "hineni" - send me!