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I was born and raised in Massachusetts, but have lived in different places after marrying my husband in 1971, which included. Agana, Guam. I asked Jesus Christ (Yeshua) into my life in 1973, but my husband would take another 15 years before he would come to believe. In 2003, the L-RD began to reveal Himself to me as The Holy One of Israel when we moved to the Dallas, TX area. Then in 2011, I was introduced to a Messianic Community and started attending Baruch HaShem in Dallas. My husband is supportive of my attending, although he does not and we continue to attend a Spirit-filled Anglican Church on Sundays. We financially support several Jewish Ministries and it was through Heart of G-od Ministries that I learned about Altar of Prayer.

Deborah Pendergrass, USA