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Shalom! From David's House of Prayer, Victoria, BC, Canada !

My name is Jocelyne, in 1997 I decided to follow Jesus ! I have been a student ever since! I was raised in Hull, Quebec, Canada in a French environment but my family never attended church so it never peeked my interest until after the passing of my Grandmother in 1996 who I loved dearly!

In my early forties, I was invited to attended a pentecostal service/conference at a small church in Aylmer, QC. During the worship I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues, it deeply increased the desire to have a relationship with Jesus as my Lord and Savior. A few years later I was introduced to a prayer group where I learned (and still learning!) to pray and worship our God. My desire to understand HIS ways and getting to know HIM deeply opened up my heart to love HIS Nation Israel and HIS chosen people the Jews!

A prayer warrior grew inside of me !

Isaiah 40:1, 2 “Comfort, yes, comfort My People! says your God! “Speak to Jerusalem, and cry out to her….

Nehemiah 8:10…. for the joy of the Lord is your STRENGTH !

I love to Worship Yeshua with a thankful heart full of gratitude for what HE has done and still do for me and for all of us!

Psalm 33:3 Sing to Him a new song; Play skillfuly with a shout of joy!

I believe in the power of HIS Word! I love to pray using HIS Word and to pray them back to HIM who can do the possible with the impossible! His Word is life to my soul and I continue to apply HIS Word (am a work in progress!) daily so I can hear HIS voice coming from His heart to mine! HE is so Worthy to be Praise and Worship!!

I went to Israel In Feb 2014 as a team member to renovate/transform a house into a House of Prayer on the Sea off Galilee. I returned for an extended stay in Mach 2017 to pray with a team through out Israel. I am so looking forward to the day I can go back visit and possibly stay for a while in Israel!

By participating in prayer watches on the Altar of Prayer for Aliyah has kept the desire of my heart to return to Yeshua’s home land!!

In the Fall of 2020, I moved to Victoria, on Vancouver Island, BC. I was invited and I joined a wonderful group of intercessors at David’s House of Prayer and this watch on the Altar of Prayer, is included in our weekly watches at the Western Gate of Canada.

Vancouver Island has a history with Israel and the Jewish people and it is a privilege to serve on the Altar of Prayer.

Jocelyne Parent