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EL Shaddai Prayer Altar, ELSPA was started during the MCO in March 2020 with the first online intercession on 28 March 2020, Friday from 10-12nn. It was nameless until God released the name in May, EL Shaddai Prayer Altar. Although birthed in Malaysia, the prayer altar moved along to God's divine plan for the nations.

Taking in experience and committed to fulfil the prayer altar as God desire, we are relaunched as a united prayer altar for all denominations & nations, also a holy altar for intercession.

As one of the Oversight Team, Woei is blessed to be the prophetic intercessor for Aliyah movement and Israel. God has become the bridge between ELSPA with Dean Bye also Carolyn Hyde. WUF 9519, God has released His words towards the collaboration and called this the World United Firewall, Zechariah 2:5 where He, Himself is within this altar.

We are constantly on the move on Facebook and 😀

A mother of three boys; Samuel Ong Zhi Ming, Daniel Ong Zhi En and Ezekiel Ling Zhi Zhong with her beloved and supportive husband, Ong Cho Chuan, she is able to move into any assignment anytime God called her into. Truly Blessed.