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Margo is part of Prepare the Way Ministries in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She serves in leadership in the Kingston House Of Prayer, leads weekly prayer meetings for her city, nation and Israel, and participates on monthly prayer teams. She has been to Israel several times since her first “encounter” there in 2008, when she knew she would return to pray and to love the people. Wanting to encourage others in their understanding of Israel, Glen and Margo have facilitated several group studies of Christians for Israel’s “Why Israel?”. Margo’s heart is to continue to grow and encourage others in knowledge and understanding of God’s plan for Israel, the role of the church concerning Israel, and how to pray for into God’s plan. Margo is retired from teaching. She and her husband, Glen, have two married adult children. She is very excited to be part of what God is doing with Altar of Prayer for Aliyah.

Margo Hyde