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I was blessed to be raised in a Godly home where Israel was front and center in prayer and "watching." My Mother began traveling to Israel in 1970 to study, lead believers and immerse herself in the Covenant God has with this chosen people. I caught this Israel bug in 1990.....and the rest is HIS-tory in my life. I have continued this great legacy of teaching about Israel, His beautiful covenants with the People and Land of Israel, leading believers to experience Israel first hand and to immerse myself in the beauty that is the HOLY LAND of promise . I am a graduate of the International Christian Leasership Holocaust studies at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Our ministry Ruth Remnant Ministry, Inc. grew out of an awareness of how disconnected the church (the wild olive branch) is from Israel and God's promises to her. The culminating of that ignorance was the Holocaust in World War II. Ruth Remnant is committed to teaching the community (Schools, churches, civic organizations) at large about the relevance of Holocaust History and fighting the ever growing rise of Anti-semitism in all the nations, especially the USA. Ruth Remnant is also commited to the latter days Aliyah and assisting Jews from every nation make that faith filled step of returning home to the Land the LORD gave them. Being a part of Altar of Prayer is just one incredible way of unifying our voices, crying out to the Father to turn on those "homing" devices in our Jewish Brethren.,

Danise Peters