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It was April 13th, 2017 that I was born again and made a great turn to the LORD, Yeshua

Messiah. Before this happened to me, I had been quite lost in darkness, wandering

around the world in emptiness. From 2009 to 2016, after my graduation from college,

I held many jobs and did as much as I possibly could such as financial planning, bank

administrative, consulting, teaching, start-ups in overseas investments, being involved in

all kinds of politics, studying at the UN, and then doing nothing for years.

I tried all I could to make my way but it all amounted to nothing. Then, He began to show me a

way as He loved me first.

It was some years ago that I began to follow Him as a Christian, Bible reading, church,

and prayer. Then, the time came for baptism followed by a Holy Communion and

worship music in Christ. In my view, my baptism was/is the complete turning point for

me to be born again and to be saved. I still thank my missionary David Cervenka who

baptized me. He and his family are good friends of mine.

I believe that being involved in politics is the way that He has given me to go and to

show His glory for those seeking the One. Therefore, I am willing to follow Him as He

leads me whenever/wherever according to His will, not mine.

I don't remember the exact dates for my trips to Israel, but I believe that He's called me

to go on these journeys in holy ways. The purpose for them is to go around Israel and to

find the next steps to make a new life into this Holy Land with His plans. I believe that

G-d is calling me to Israel because this is how my Christian life has been since the very

beginning. Then now, I’m with a holy lady who is to be my beloved one forever. Amen+ [Israel saving song]

Taishiro Sonae - Okayama, Japan