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Shalom, my name is Thomas Ooi, married to Rena, and we both reside in Penang, Malaysia. We are both retired, in our mid 60's; and gratefully and happily serving in KOGHOPFAN (Kingdom of God House of Prayer for All Nations), since May 2017. We have been to Israel only once in Nov 2015, and have since then, fallen in love with the Land and people that our LORD Himself loves. We are excited and expectant with what this AOP platform offers for us (and all) to stand with, pray for, and bless the people and nation of Israel; so that all the people/Jews of the Disapora will complete Aliyah and be brought back to Eretz Israel, and there to come into their divine destiny, as a land, people, and nation. Halleluyah & Maranatha! and Blessings to you all of kindred spirit!

Thomas Ooi (Malaysia)